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Drow are one of the most hated creatures in this world. Unlike their
fair-skinned kindred, the Drow are grey to black in complexion, have grey to
snowy white hair, and a most evil disposition. Drow tend to be taller and
more slender than humans. Once upon a time, the Drow lived in forests, until
the creatures of the world drove their hated presence into underground tunnels.
There they now dwell, making fiendish plots to kill the light of the sun, and
make the world a dark place indeed.

Drow are gifted with a greater intelligence and deftness than most humans,
however, being slender and frail, they lack the stamina of the sturdier races.
The Black Elves draw much of their power from the darkness,
and suffer serious handicaps in daylight.
This handicap does not stop them--woe be to those who venture out at night
during a Drow raid.