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Humans are by far the most diverse race in the world. So much so that its no
wonder most races do not trust them. Where most races have a more clear
purpose, Humanity tends to be self-serving, allying themselves with whomever
is most convienient. This is, of course, not true for all humans, which is
why races do not shun them completely. Humans tend to be motivated by greed
and power, usually stepping on anything that gets in the way, except for those
humans who remain true and benevolent. Humans associate themselves with all
races in some form or another. The more evil sort might be found with bands
of Goblins and Orcs (Sometimes mating with them!) where the wise might dwell
with Gnomes, Dwarves, or Elves. Humans are also war-like, and have sacked
and pillaged villages and towns of all races, including their own.
Nonetheless, Humans are very well adapted to do any sort of task in various
professions, and this is what has kept them alive for years uncounted.

Humans can be tall or short, weak or strong. They look like you and me, and
can see in what we would call normal light levels. Magical abilities are
rare to be found in humans, and great power in such only comes after much