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Class ButtonBar


public class ButtonBar
extends java.awt.Panel
implements Module

This class implements a programmable button bar. You can add Buttons and Input fields to trigger actions in the telnet applet. On how to load a module, please refer to the telnet documentation.

<PARAM NAME=number#Button VALUE="buttontext|buttonaction">
number is the sequence number and determines the place of the button on the row.

buttontext is a string displayed on the button.

buttonaction may be one of the following functions or strings
(Note: the backslash character in front of the dollar sign is mandatory!)
(Note: It makes sense if you look at the examples for input fields below.)
        <PARAM NAME=1#Button VALUE="HELP!|help\r\n">
        <PARAM NAME=2#Button VALUE="HELP:|help \@help@\r\n">
        <PARAM NAME=4#Button VALUE="simple|\$connect(localhost)">
        <PARAM NAME=5#Button VALUE="complete|\$connect(www,4711)">
        <PARAM NAME=6#Button VALUE="connect|\$connect(\@address@)">
        <PARAM NAME=8#Button VALUE="connect to port|\$connect(\@address@,\@port@)">
        <PARAM NAME=10#Button VALUE="window|\$detach()">

Input fields
<PARAM NAME=number#Input VALUE="fieldname[#length]|initial text[|action]">
number is the sequence number and determines the place of the field on the row.

fieldname is a symbolic name to reference the input field. A reference may be used in button actions and is constructed as follows: \@fieldname@ The \@fieldname@ macro will be replaced by the string entered in the text field.

length is the length of the input field in numbers of characters.

initial text is the text to be placed into the input field on startup
action may be used similar to a button action. This action will be used if the users presses Return in the inputfield. Leave empty if you only want to use a button to send the text!
(Note: It makes sense if you look at the examples for buttons before.)
        <PARAM NAME=3#Input VALUE="help#10|">
        <PARAM NAME=7#Input VALUE="address|">
        <PARAM NAME=8#Input VALUE="send#5|who|\@send@\r\n">
        <PARAM NAME=9#Input VALUE="port#5|4711">

$Id:,v 1.23 1999/04/09 06:53:26 leo Exp $
Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Mei▀ner
See Also:
Module, Serialized Form

Fields inherited from class java.awt.Component
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addNotify()
          create the buttonbar from the parameter list.
 void connect(java.lang.String host, int port)
          If the applet connects this method is called.
 void disconnect()
          Get notified of disconnection.
 boolean handleEvent(java.awt.Event evt)
 java.lang.String receive(java.lang.String s)
          This module does not take any input.
 void setLoader(java.lang.Object o)
          This method is called by our loader to notify us of it.
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Constructor Detail


public ButtonBar()
Method Detail


public void setLoader(java.lang.Object o)
This method is called by our loader to notify us of it.
Specified by:
setLoader in interface Module
o - The object that has loaded this object.
See Also:


public void connect(java.lang.String host,
                    int port)
If the applet connects this method is called.
Specified by:
connect in interface Module
host - remote hostaddress - not used
port - remote port - not used


public void disconnect()
Get notified of disconnection. Do nothing.
Specified by:
disconnect in interface Module


public java.lang.String receive(java.lang.String s)
This module does not take any input. It works passive.
Specified by:
receive in interface Module
null to remove from the list of receiver modules.
See Also:


public void addNotify()
create the buttonbar from the parameter list. We will know our parent, when we have been added.
addNotify in class java.awt.Panel


public boolean handleEvent(java.awt.Event evt)
handleEvent in class java.awt.Component