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The Java(tm) Telnet Applet: User Pages

© 1996-98 Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meißner

To show you that this applet is actually useful, we have created this page of users. All those pages below have some sort of service, provided through telnet and use the applet to make it easier to access their sites. This may either be some text-based virtual reality or a chat line. Even more promising is the usage for library catalogues or online information systems. While looking around on the net we found that a lot of users put the applet on their private page to access their local accounts via the web.

Bill Drew, Systems Librarian, SUNY College of Agriculture and Technology, wrote an Article about using the applet to access his libraries OPAC system and a German Internet Newsletter INTERNET Intern (german) found it useful.

We are happy to be referred by the HYTELNET resource collection of telnet-accessible library services and The Mud Connector, the most comprehensive list of text-based virtual realities on the web. The Applet is also mentioned on the Video Terminal Informations page. This is the right place to look for native terminal emulation programs.

The Java(tm) Telnet Applet is recommended GNU Software.

All Resources, alphabetically sorted:

Information Provider
HYTELNET (referring page)
The Mud Connector ( telnet)

University of Erlangen/OPAC ( telnet (german))
ISTEC Libraries ( telnet)
Katholische Universitätsbibliothek Eichstätt - german (telnet)
Royal Institute of Technology Library, Stockholm, Sweden (telnet), (telnet to Mathematics Library)
Falcon Catalog (telnet)
Princeton University Library (telnet)
BIBLIOTECA de Universidad de Cantabria (spanish) (telnet)
SUNY Morrisville College Library ( telnet)

Remote System Access:
AgriShare BBS ( telnet)
Cereal BBS ( telnet)
Connection Universe (telnet)
Deltronix Online (telnet) - Online Games, Message areas, Web hosting, Since 1988
DTK homepage - swedish (telnet)
Eden BBS ( telnet)
Exo BBS (telnet)
EnterAct (telnet)
infection flux ( telnet)
ITEX Online ( telnet)
Jungle BBS (telnet)
KISS - Kaiserslautern Internet Solutions Service GmbH (telnet) - A public access UNIX System (telnet)
Point Blank BBS (telnet)
REMCentral (telnet)
SouthEX Interactive (telnet)
The Gate BBS (telnet)
The (telnet)
TIGA - Total Interactive Gaming Australia ( telnet)
The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (telnet)
Metropolis UNDERGROUND (defect) (telnet)

Text-based Virtual Reality (MUD):
The Abyss (telnet)
ArcticMud ( telnet)
Crossed Swords ( telnet)
the cuckoo's nest (telnet)
Dimension *X* ( telnet)
Dimension *X* ( telnet)
Dragon Bane ( telnet)
Dragon MUD ( telnet)
Empire MUD ( telnet)
FinalFrontier - german ( telnet)
Insomnia-MUD ( telnet)
JoranMud/Fatal Dimensions ( telnet)
Ishar (telnet)
MorgenGrauen - german ( telnet)
MUDweiser ( telnet)
NannyMUD ( telnet)
Red Dragon LPmud (telnet)
Robotech MUSH (telnet)
An Age Of Legends: The Shadow Realms ( telnet)
MUD Suvangi ( telnet)
SuperMUD 3 (telnet)
TAPPMud (telnet)
Tragic Kingdom (telnet)
TerraFirmA (telnet)
TECFEA Moo ( telnet) it definitely needs update!
TNT (telnet)
UNItopia - german (telnet)
Wunderland - german ( telnet)

Chats & Talkers:
Banalim (telnet)
Cafe Guam (Cafe 2000)
Xena: Chakrams & Scrolls (telnet)
Cirrus Nebula (telnet)
The Backyard (telnet)
UberWorld ( telnet)
Splotch (some non Turing test) ( telnet)
Bourbon Street ( telnet)

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