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The Java(tm) Telnet Applet: Download

© 1996, 97 Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meißner

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Package download and Unpacking

Select the package according to your operating system. Apple users may choose to select the file. Please be aware that the packages contain long filenames and may not work with systems not supporting these, such as Windows 3.x.

If you have problems unpacking one of the packages read the notes below the table or contact us if it doesn't make sense.

UNIX Windows NT/95 & Apple
full package telnet.tgz
classes only classes.tgz
patches secure authentication
full package telnet_p.tgz
classes only class_p.tgz

Note: Secure Remote Password Authentication (SRP), © Stanford University, official distribution
download the patched version if you don't want to do it yourself.

Note: We recommend you download the in any case and use the
<APPLET ARCHIVE="" ...> parameter.
This decreases the download time for the applet!

Linux Windows NT
simple relayd relayd relayd.exe
multi relayd mrelayd mrelayd.exe

Note: Do a chmod +x relayd after download to make the file executable.
If you need a binary for a different platform please ask.

Apple Computers:

Unless you have a UNIX tar and gzip implementation download the file.

Windows NT/95:

Select the file and unpack it using one of the publicly available tools, like WinZIP. Make sure you have selected the checkbox to extract subdirectories!


Extract the files from the telnet.tgz file using the following command:
gunzip -c telnet.tgz | tar xvf -
This will extract a directory called Telnet/ containing the full source code + documentation and precompiled classes. gunzip (GNU unzip) can be found on a public ftp server.

For further information on using and installing the applet please refer to the Documentation.

Direct CLASS download:

Sometimes it is not necessary to download the complete package just to update one class. Below is the tree of classes to directly download the class you may need. If you are not sure, which classes have changed have a look at your copy of the file REVISION and the same file on the home page of the applet. If you are viewing this page from your own copy, go to the home page download. Higher revision numbers indicate changes.

Right click on the link and select Save as .... Please make sure you download all needed classes. If you're downloading the first time, please use the package download links above!

If you want all classes at once download either classes.tgz (UNIX) or (Windows/Apple).

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